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7 Things You Need to Consider Before Buying Quartz Countertops

When you’re looking to buy quartz countertops, it’s only right that you look into all the variables. This way, you can consider the full scope of the project and can tailor it to your liking. 

By looking into the following suggestions, you’ll have the chance to install a new set of countertops that make your kitchen or bathroom look absolutely amazing. Use these tips and begin consulting with some countertop professionals. 

1. Learn About the Benefits of Quartz

There’s a reason why people tend to look for quartz countertops when they want a kitchen remodel that makes a difference. 

These countertops come with a number of benefits that you just can’t get with other materials. For one, quartz is non-porous, so you can expect for these countertops to last a long time without damage. 

The maintenance for these countertops is virtually non-existent, and you will be able to improve whichever room in your home you’re buying the countertops for. 

They make an excellent accompaniment for any bathroom or kitchen in your home, and they will be just as functional as they are attractive. 

2. Figure Out What Sort of Design and Purpose You Want

Before you plunk down some money on a set of countertops, think about what you hope to get from it. 

They make an elegant addition to a master bathroom and will beautifully accent a waterfall shower. In your kitchen, quartz countertops can serve as a nice base when you install an island that has a range and lots of outlets. 

The design possibilities are endless, but you will want to design exactly how you want it to look, and what function you’d like the countertop to serve. 

3. Start Shopping Around for a Great Contractor

It’s also up to you to do your homework so that you can find a great countertop contractor. 

Speak to about five different countertop professionals so that you can decide on which ones you like for the project. These contractors can show you a lot of different designs and will let you touch the material so you can get a feel for what you are getting. 

Doing your homework in advance helps you decide on what you like, while also hiring the best professionals for the job. 

4. Determine How Much You are Willing to Pay

You need to go into the project knowing how much you’re willing to pay. 

Since these projects can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000 or more, you will need to be mindful of your budget. 

The price that you pay will depend on where you source your quartz, so ask any contractor where they get their materials from. It’ll also be a matter of labor, so choose the professional with the most reasonable hourly labor rate. 

Once you get a feel for how much this work might cost, you can decide on what sort of work you need, so that it makes great financial sense. 

5. Consider How Your Kitchen or Bathroom Will Be Affected During the Work

You’ll need to have a contingency plan for what to do while construction is going on. 

First and foremost, ask the contractor how long the quartz countertop installation will take, and get an estimated time of completion in writing. Plan out how to handle these days, so that you either still have access to your kitchen and bathroom, or figure out what to do in the interim. 

Planning these variables out in advance will help you get the most out of the project timetable. 

6. Think About all Insurance Factors

No matter what kind of countertops you decide to go with, an insurance policy will be part of the equation. You’ll be able to buy an insurance plan that helps in the event of repairs or emergencies. 

Be sure that you also tweak your homeowner’s insurance plan to accommodate your new countertop installation. 

Likewise, make sure that the contractor that you choose is not only capable but that they have a current liability insurance policy. This way, you will know you’re protected and that the job is done with professionalism. 

7. Pick Up Some Cleaning Products and Think About Maintenance

Your ability to keep your quartz countertops clean and protected is one of the most important parts of this process. When you shop with a countertop contractor, they should also be able to sell you a cleaning product that’ll work best. 

Be sure that you regularly wipe down the counters and use a gentle soap, rather than a chemical-based cleaning solution. Further, get a warranty for your countertops so that you can get repairs if you encounter cracks or other problems. 

Set your kitchen and bathroom up in a way that makes the most out of these countertops, and always decorate and organize your household in a way that is complementary. 

Buy Quartz Countertops That You’ll Love

If you are trying to buy quartz countertops, these are the points that you need to be fully aware of. 

Think of this as an investment in your household. It’ll improve the appearance and function, and offer you a nice boost in property value. To get the most value out of this work, you’ll need to take the proper steps and find a company that you can trust. 

We’d love to help you out. 

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