Granite Countertops

When you're working on a renovation project or picking the features of a new build, you want to be sure about every decision. Ideally you'll be living with this new feature for multiple years, so it should be a product you absolutely love. Why not choose the sophistication and beauty of granite countertops?

Granite is a popular choice among homeowners for new countertops. With an incredible variety of patterns and colors, a granite countertop will fit seamlessly into any kitchen or bathroom. At Pablo Marble & Granite, we're confident that we have a granite countertop that will look beautiful in your home.

Before you make your final decision in your new home project, read on to learn more about what granite is, how it's used and why you might choose it over other countertop materials.

What Is Granite?

Granite is an igneous rock that's found in the Earth's crust. It is commonly used in smaller quantities than other types of rocks and minerals. For example, quartz — another high-quality countertop material — is found in much larger quantities than granite.

Granite is a popular material because of its toughness, where it can resist abrasions and support heavy weights. You can also achieve a great shine and a smooth finish with granite after a full polish. What comes out of the earth is what you get in granite; it is considered a metamorphic rock in that the original rock is subjected to heat and pressure, causing physical and chemical changes.

Characteristics and Benefits of Granite Countertops

Granite has several characteristics similar to other countertop materials, like quartz. While granite and quartz have many things in common, granite's key characteristic is its strength.

When you have granite countertops, they resist a variety of different forces. You can place hot pots, pans or other items directly onto the counter without worrying about damage. Granite also resists scratches and other types of abrasions. You could cut with a knife right on the counter, and the knife will actually dull itself instead of scratching the countertop! Its strength makes granite great against wear and tear over time. It is recommended to seal granite every six months with a sealer that you can purchase from a home goods store.

This material is non-porous, which leaves you with more sanitary surroundings. It is extremely easy to clean and wipe down, making any cooking or baking cleanup process a total breeze. There is also less of a chance of germs getting trapped and sticking to the countertop surface!

Every countertop made from granite is unique. The pattern of the rock runs deep, making each cut different. With a large inventory of colors to choose from, you can find the perfect match for your home.

Pablo Marble & Granite Is the Best Choice

For beautiful granite kitchen countertops in Woburn, or for a full granite kitchen island installation near the Boston area, choose Pablo Marble & Granite! We're the best fabricator and installer of unique, high-quality stone countertops in Massachusetts.

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