Tile Backsplash

Tile Backsplash to compliment your kitchen

For decades, a tile backsplash has been a beautiful way to add interest to a kitchen’s decor and bring all the colors of the kitchen together. In years past, tile backsplashes have featured tiles with individual patterns, often fruits or vegetables. These days, however, a kitchen tile backsplash most often featured tiles of the same or complementary colors, arranged in artful mosaics or sleek subway tiles. Pablo Marble & Granite is pleased to offer beautiful kitchen tile backsplashes in Burlington, MA that transform your kitchen.

A tile backsplash for your kitchen is elegant and decorative, but it also helps convey the mood that you want when guests, family or friends visit and spend time with you there. A kitchen backsplash decorated in black, gray or charcoal tiles gives off an air of luxury, while a tile backsplash in shades of blue feels homey and welcoming. Beige or white tiles can make the kitchen look bigger and brighter. Some tile backsplashes are mostly monochrome, with just a little pop of bright color here and there to give a sense of energy. It’s amazing how much personality you can put into your kitchen tile backsplash design!

At Pablo Marble & Granite, we install subway tiles as well as other kinds of ceramic, travertine, stone and glass tile backsplashes to make your kitchen look modern, sophisticated, sleek and updated, rustic or polished — whatever the effect you want to create as part of your kitchen remodel, our expert installers can make it happen. Our tile backsplashes are as practical as they are beautiful, because they protect your wall and are easy to clean.

We work with granite, marble and quartz that we purchase from our suppliers, and then cut, polish and fabricate these materials into gorgeous kitchen countertops and vanity tops. In this way, we’re able to offer top quality materials at excellent prices. Our tile backsplashes coordinate perfectly with the beautiful countertops we install to create your dream kitchen in the home you already live in.

So if you’ve been thinking about whether to install a tile backsplash, take a look at our gallery and see what’s possible! Whether you are thinking about a white subway tile backsplash to brighten the room and let the other colors of your kitchen shine, or a mosaic tile backsplash of colored tiles, our experts can design and install the perfect backsplash for your kitchen and your style.

Contact us to discuss your tile backsplash ideas and other kitchen renovation ideas, and we’ll let you know how our Burlington tile installation services can bring your ideas to life.