Kitchen Sinks & Bathroom Vanities

Getting a new sink for your kitchen or bathroom can give new life to a room. From stainless steel options that shine to marble ones that look sleek and polished, sinks can set the tone for a room and make a difference in its perception. Recently, homeowners have opted for stainless steel handcrafted sinks that are a 16 gauge. The lower the gauge, the thicker the sink is, with gauges ranging from 16 to 22. The standard thickness is an 18 gauge sink.

When you want a new sink installation in your Boston-area home, Pablo Marble & Granite is the place to go. Our exceptional installation services reflect our long history in the industry and our experience with getting the job done right. We love showing our customers what a difference a new sink can make to the aesthetics in a room. You also get to choose your counter edging, selecting from a range of possibilities that will make the design distinctly yours.

A new sink surrounded by a fresh granite or quartz countertop shows off your style in your kitchen or bathroom while showcasing the outstanding quality of our materials. Find out what Pablo Marble & Granite can do for your home when you undergo a renovation with us!

Installing Quartz and Granite Countertops Around Sinks

We can install your countertops around sinks, offering you greater flexibility. We use a bridge saw to cut the material for the countertop, and then we polish the finished product until it gleams. This allows us to seamlessly join two slabs together, so you won't even notice the edges.

You can choose from our many different types of edging available. You may want a look that is sleek and elegant, or one that is modern and contemporary. We can advise you on which look will be best for your existing decor.

Different Types of Sink Mounting Available

We install undermount sinks for our customers, providing them with numerous benefits. An undermount sink gives you flexibility with your new design — you gain more countertop space around the sink, since you no longer have the extra edge that exists with other types of sinks.

Our installers take care to ensure an undermount sink is fully supported by the new stone counters. They may use sink rails to guarantee the cabinets carry the load of the sinks, or sink clips to fasten the sink to the underside of the countertop. Our proven methods offer long-term support for your new installation.

Why Choose Pablo Marble & Granite for Your Sink?

When you want the best in kitchen sinks and bathroom vanities, Pablo Marble & Granite offers what you want. We have:

  • The finest materials
  • The best installers
  • The most outstanding pricing

We approach every job with our full attention, and we listen to every customer's vision for their room. We want to achieve the look you desire. Getting a new vanity or sink offers a way to transform your space with a small but significant change.

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