Quartzite Countertops

If you want to create a beautiful kitchen and renovate your countertops, you may have already heard of popular options such as granite, quartz and marble. If you haven’t considered quartzite, you owe it to yourself to learn more about this beautiful and durable solution!

What Is Quartzite?

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that forms when significant pressure and heat are exerted onto sandstone in the earth’s crust. Like marble, quartzite is mined and is available in slabs that are polished and treated for better durability.

Quartzite has the same types of veins and streaks as found in marble. It comes in white and grey most often, but it can also be found in red, yellow, blue, pink, green and orange when iron oxide or other minerals are mixed in the stone.

What Are the Benefits of High-Quality Quartzite Countertops?

If you’re considering a quartzite kitchen countertop for your Woburn or Boston-area home, there are many advantages to this choice:

  • It is ideal for kitchen use: Quartzite is known for being a very durable and strong material, which makes it a perfect option for busy and frequently-used kitchens. This material is harder than quartz, granite and marble, ensuring your investment in these countertops is one that will last. Quartzite will not etch, warp or scratch as easily as other surfaces, although we do still recommend using cutting boards to protect your countertop surface.
  • Cleanup is easy: Quartzite countertops do not require excessive maintenance. They do need to be sealed before you use them and re-sealed once or twice each year. With the seal in place, however, caring for your countertops is simply a matter of tidying up any accidental spills!
  • Quartzite is a beautiful material for countertops: The natural streaks in quartzite create a look somewhere between stone and marble. The high-gloss finish can catch the light and make your whole kitchen look brighter. In addition, since quartzite is naturally-occurring, each slab is a little bit different, making your kitchen counter a unique work of art. It is an expensive material while also looking the most natural.
  • Quartzite is heat-resistant: Being heat-resistant means quartzite will not burn, melt or scorch the way laminate and man-made materials can. In addition, since it remains slightly cool, it creates a pleasant surface to work on and is perfect for completing kitchen tasks like rolling out dough for bread or cookies.

Find the Best Quartzite Countertops in Boston

Are you ready to bring the natural and timeless beauty of quartzite countertops into your kitchen?

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