Adding Sealant for my Granite Countertops

Do I Need to Seal My Granite Countertops?

Sealant granite countertops Extra Protection To My Granite Countertops

Did you recently add granite countertops to your kitchen? If so, you may want to consider sealing the surface. While granite is pretty stain-resistant on its own, it can still add some extra protection to your new countertops

When investing in new countertops, you probably want to ensure they have a long lifespan. Sealing the counter can provide that additional life that you need. So, if you want countertops that last, we think you should use our sealing services.

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Try the Water Test

The water test lets you know if you need to seal your surface. Granite is porous, letting you easily see if it absorbs the water. Here’s what you can do:

  • Pour a tiny amount of water on the counter
  • ¼ cup of water or slightly less is enough
  • Check the time
  • See how long it takes for the granite to start to darken 

From there, you can consider the following for the amount of time it takes for the granite to change colors:

  • Instantly turns gray: Needs multiple layers of sealant yearly
  • 5 Minutes: Needs multiple layers of sealant every three years
  • 10 Minutes: Needs one layer of sealant
  • 30 Minutes: Does not need to be sealed

By following the above guide, you can determine when your countertop needs to be sealed and how often you should do it. Reapplying sealant to especially porous counters is necessary for avoiding damage. These types of surfaces can easily absorb stains and appear dirty, even after being cleaned. 

Why You Seal Granite Counters

There are several reasons why you should seal all of your stone countertops:

Sealant Prevent Water Stains

It’s always a good idea to seal natural stone countertops. When stone is sealed properly, they repel liquids, as well as stains. Without sealant, watermarks can build up on the surface. Over time, watermarks can make your counter look constantly dirty, even after cleaning it.

Sealant Stop Chemical Reactions

Chemical reactions can occur in natural stone materials. The stone contains iron, calcium, and other components that can react with spills or cleaners on the surface. When that happens, your countertop can receive permanent marks. 

If you want to make your counter resistant to chemicals, then be sure you seal it. Simply cleaning your stone with everyday cleaners can cause damage otherwise.

Sealant Resist Food Stains

Food can also easily stain granite surfaces, as they are very porous. You want to have a barrier between the counter and your cooking to prevent permanent marks from appearing. Grease from food can be very challenging to remove from granite without damaging the counter too.

Sealant Avoid Damage

Your counter can also be chipped easily if you drop a heavy pan or kitchen appliance onto it. A layer of sealant can provide you with some additional strength and protection. That way, you might be able to avoid some damage.

If your counter does receive damage, be sure to contact us. We can assist in making all of the repairs you need to have a nice-looking surface once again.

Removing Stains

Before you seal the countertop, you will want to remove as many stains as possible. Once you put the sealant over them, it will be impossible to get off. You can easily make a solution at home to deal with these situations.

Start by creating a paste from baking soda and water. Then, use a soft brush to remove the stain. You can let the paste sit for a little to seep into the stain, but try no to leave it for too long before rinsing it with water.

If you are using a chemical mixture to remove the stain, make sure that you test the solution on the countertop area that you can hide. That way, the mark will not be noticeable if things happen to go wrong. Under appliances is a good place to consider testing cleansers.

However, suppose nothing seems to be removing the stain. In that case, you can always call Pablo Granite and Marble to restore the surface for you. We specialize in dealing with natural stone countertops and can handle any situation with your granite.

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