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Making it Match: How to Choose Kitchen Colors to Complement Dark Quartz Countertops

It’s recommended that you remodel your kitchen every 10-15 years. If it’s come time to remodel your kitchen, there are many things to consider. 

Perhaps you’ve already made the decision that you want dark quartz countertops. That’s great! One step down, now you have to consider what works well with it.

Below we’ll look at what materials and colors work best with dark quartz countertops.  

Dark Quartz Countertops Basics

When choosing your kitchen design figure out where you want contrast. You don’t want your kitchen to have only dark colors. It will make the room appear much smaller and you won’t have as much light.  

If you choose a darker scheme, make sure there are more windows or lighting in the area to help brighten up the area. 

Good contrast for dark countertops would be white cabinets. Compliment that combination with dark wood flooring. 

When designing your kitchen you want two primary colors and one accent color. In this scenario, the flooring would be the accent color. 

Your dark counters will pair well with dark appliances and furniture. It helps make every aspect of your kitchen feel integrated. If you want a black and white contrast, pair the counters with white appliances or furniture. 

Below we’ll review some specific countertop colors and what pairs well with them. 

Babylon Gray

Babylon Gray is a dark and soft gray with lighter veins of gray running through it. Gray is a great neutral color that pairs well with most colors and textures. This color will help your home feel warm and inviting. 

It pairs well with light-colored or off-white cabinetry and walls. Moreover, it works well in black and white color contrast schemes. Most varieties of wood flooring shades work well with this countertop. 

If you want a more rustic feel, you can pair it with rich wood cabinetry and flooring (e.g. hard maple or cherry). For the backsplash, you could consider using natural stones to increase this aesthetic. In place of the wood flooring, you can opt for a stone tile to match the stone backsplash. 

Midnight Majesty

Midnight Majesty is a black countertop with small white flecks. This countertop is perfect for a black and white color scheme. Pair it with white cabinets and hardwood flooring and furniture.

If you want a more industrial feel, use white cabinets, dark tiles, and stainless steel accents.

Pearl Gray

Pearl Gray is a mid-toned gray color with darker flecks. It pairs well with the white, light grays, and blacks. 

Pearl Gray looks great with light to medium wood colors for the cabinetry and flooring. Pair this with white walls for a more open feel. For a darker space, paint your walls with grays or blacks. 

If you want a brighter space, choose white walls and cabinetry. If you want more contrast, a black tile backsplash can make the room pop.

Shadow Gray

Shadow Gray is a dark and smooth shade of gray. Its flecks are made up of other shades of gray. 

Contrast this color with white/off-white cabinets and black/gray walls, or vice versa. Use dark woods or dark tiles for the floors. It pairs well dark wood or black furniture with gray cushions. 

If you want more contrast of color, dark gray-blue works great as the color of your walls. Pair it with white walls and black or dark gray cabinetry to make it stand out. 

A white and light gray tile backsplash can add a nice accent piece to this countertop. 

Sparkling Black

Sparkling Black will make you feel as if you’re peering at the night sky. It’s a very dark shade of black with white flecks. 

To make this countertop stand out pair it with white and light grays. You’ll want white cabinets and walls, and light gray or white floor tiles. A mix of black and white furniture helps keep the room from feeling too white.

If you want a more dark contrast, add a black tile backsplash. 

If you’re not a fan of all that white, use dark wood flooring, cabinets, and/or furniture.  

Eternal Marquina

Eternal Marquina is black with white veins. It pairs well with whites and soft grays. 

Paint your walls and cabinets white, or contrast them with whites and grays. 

Your flooring works well with soft gray tiles or wood, or light wood. Light or soft gray wood furniture works well with black or white cushions.  


Istmo is a medium gray color with dark gray veins running through it.  

Istmo pairs well with black cabinets and white or soft gray walls. This pattern works great with dark or soft shades of gray wood flooring. If you want a more open feeling space, opt for light wood flooring. 


Merope is dark gray with a touch of brown. It pairs well with white, gray, or black cabinets.

Your wall coloring can be versatile. You can use whites, off-whites, light or pale olive green, or mellow yellow.

Combine with soft gray tiles or gray wood flooring. Moreover, a sea-green backsplash can add a nice accent to your kitchen.

If you want a darker feel, use dark wood flooring and walls.

Sierra Madre

Sierra Madre is mainly shades of brown with some flecks of black and white. It works great with different types of wood flooring, cabinets, and furniture. 

For cabinetry and/or walls, try painting them cream or pale yellow to add a nice contrast. 


Armitage is black with white veins. It pairs well with medium wood cabinets and flooring. Combine it with white or off-white walls for a nice contrast. 

Add wood furniture with black cushions or backings. Alternately, you can use black wood or metal chairs. 

If you don’t want so much wood, try adding soft gray tiles. 


Castell is a medium to a dark gray color with black flecks and white veins. For a nice contrast, pair this countertop with white walls and cabinets, and black tile floors. 

If you’re looking for variety, have a combination of white and gray cabinets. On top of that, use a soft gray mosaic hexagon backsplash. 

If you want wood features, you can use different shades of wood for the cabinets and flooring. This countertop looks great with light, medium, and dark woods. 


Fieldstone is a dark smooth gray. If you’re looking for a more modern feel this countertop is a great option. Combine a black and white contrast with stainless steel appliances. 

For the cabinets, use light or medium wood, or white paint. The walls look great with white, soft gray, or black paint. If you want more visual appeal, paint the walls black and add white designs. 

For flooring, use light, medium, or soft gray wood. It pairs nicely with gray, black or wood furniture. 

If you choose to use more wood features, add a stone backsplash to give it a more rustic feel. 

It’s Time to Design Your Kitchen

That finishes our list on dark quartz countertops. Hopefully, this guide has helped you figure out how you want to design your kitchen. Dark quartz will help your kitchen feel sleek and modern. 

Review our blog to learn how to care for your countertop once your kitchen is in full swing.