less money on your Countertops

How to Save Money on Your Countertops

Save money on your Countertops Boston MaSpend Less Money on Your Countertops

Adding in your countertops in a new build or replacing your old ones can leave you with a big bill. Your kitchen is the heart of your home and the place where you spend so much of your time. Keeping it looking great or getting it up to your standard and aesthetic is crucial.

There are tons of great ways to save on your kitchen countertops and still end up with a place in your home where you love to live! Don’t break the bank when it comes to your countertops!

Choosing Materials

Choosing the right materials for your home is a balance between visuals, functionality, and price. You want your kitchen counters to serve their purpose well, look good while they do it, and not break the bank when you install them.

Coordinating your countertop materials is crucial when you’re putting them in. There are tons of great options that are very affordable for anyone. Laminate, solid surface, ceramic tile, butcher block, metal, and concrete are all affordable options that will get your kitchen looking great, fast.

Options for countertops that go up in price are granite, marble, and engineered stone. These are more expensive than other types of materials but for many, they make or break the kitchen as a thing of aesthetic prowess.

Save On Installation Costs

If you can’t quite cut down the price when it comes to the materials themselves, there are some great ways to save on installation costs. These will help keep the overall price down when you’re working on your home!

The first thing you can do is do your demolition. Start by tearing out the old counters and leaving your kitchen a blank slate for the contractors to install your dream countertops.

You can even skip the contractors altogether and install your counters! More expensive pieces like granite or stone may require some essential skills that make a contractor a more viable option but if you want to install laminate or wood countertops, you can find them at your home improvement store.

Spice Up Old Countertops

Rather than tearing out all the old and putting something new in, you can simply spruce up your old countertops and save a ton on extra costs!

Many home improvement stores sell a specific kind of primer and sealer that will give you some extra glossy looks for your current countertops. You can also create the look of stone with sponges or feathers used while painting.

Contact paper is an easy way to apply a whole new look to your countertops! Rather than spend hundreds of dollars for marble, granite, or other stone looks, you can pick up a cheap roll of contact paper and make everything look new again.

Strategic Splurging

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and purchase enough marble for your entire kitchen, splurge strategically! You may more easily be able to put in marble countertops for your island or a smaller section of your kitchen and keep the cost down.

Be sure to spend time planning and creating the best way to present these parts of your countertops. You want to show off your expensive pieces and not have them tucked away in a dark corner where no one will see them.

Also, be sure to create your other countertops so that they complement rather than detract from your expensive marble addition!

Go Big

There are tons of different home improvement and big box stores that offer take-home and DIY options for your new countertops. Places like Ikea offer pre-cut options that can simply be loaded up into your car and you can easily take them home.

Ikea offers everything from laminate to wood to granite options for your next DIY project. You’ll be able to mix and match and price out exactly what you need to create the kitchen of your dreams and treat yourself to some Swedish meatballs too!

These big-box stores also offer plenty of resources to help you plan and create your kitchen and countertop areas. While it may be tempting to simply order what you need online, the best option is to visit in-store and create plans with the people there before making your final choice.


There are tons of great options for saving on your countertops and still creating a kitchen that feels like home. Rather than shell out for the most expensive countertops, splurge strategically or opt for marble contact paper to cut down on costs. Whatever you decide to install, be sure you know to make it functional as well as look good!

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