how to choose the right countertop color

How to Choose the Right Countertop Color for Your Kitchen

Selecting the right countertop color

Choosing  Right Countertop Color Matters

When you already have an established theme in your kitchen, knowing what colors to make your countertop could be the icing on the cake! Plus, changing your countertop color is not something you want to do often due to cost and labor.

Once you know what material you want the countertop to be, you can choose the best color. Granite and marble come in several different options that you will want to spend some time thinking about. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice!

Get Some Samples

Viewing samples is going to benefit you since you can see several different colors at once. Samples also make it easy to tell how a certain color will look in your kitchen. If you are having trouble deciding between shades, comparing them up close can help.

Make sure that you take your samples home. Viewing them in the store will not be quite right since the lighting in your kitchen is going to be much different. You should place them on the surfaces in your home to what they will most accurately look like. Samples are usually free, so be sure to get as many as you need.

Consider Future Changes

Next, you will want to consider changes that you might make in the future. When choosing the countertop color, you will want to match it to the surrounding room. Over time, the colors of your kitchen might change.

When the countertop color is part of a theme, it can be hard to match it to other paints in the future. Instead, consider a less intense countertop. That way, you change the paint in your kitchen later- you will not be locked into one color scheme forever.

Consider Other Color Elements

When planning your counter color, you want to think about all of the other items in your room. What decorations will you have, or will there be plants? It’s also important to consider undertones. Woods can appear red or darker when you look at them in certain lighting.

You can also use the countertop to create a space for your decorations and appliances where they “pop.” Take some time to learn about what colors look good together, and you can create amazing designs at home!

Think About the Style You Want

There are many different colors and designs when it comes to countertops. You will want to make sure you choose something you love since your countertops will last for years. These are some of the basic colors and styles you will want to consider.

White Counters

Modern kitchen countertops are usually white. They resemble marble and can match anything you want. The color also looks clean and makes your kitchen much brighter. These counters are best when you want a warm surface in your room.

Gray Counters

Gray is a good neutral color. It works well with plenty of designs and gives a deeper sense of balance. It also provides a great space for decorating your room. If you want to have brighter colors in your kitchen, then gray can help everything blend.

Black Counters

Black counters are great for lighter surroundings. It can provide a strong surface when the rest of the kitchen uses white, soft colors. Plus, if there are mirrors or steel in your kitchen, a rich, black counter looks amazing. This color is usually used to create minimalist elements as well.

Marble Counters

Marbled counters tend to have a similar effect as gray ones since they usually have a mixture of white and black. They provide a beautiful design that can open up smaller spaces and make your kitchen feel bright and clean.

Counters With Veins

Counters can also come with veins of other colors sprinkled through them. Your countertops can make use of several different themes when you use this method. They look stunning and always become the room’s focal point. They also help to hide seams between surfaces.

Need More Help?

There are so many different types of countertops that you can choose from! However, that also means that you might need more help deciding on what you want. If you have any questions, feel free to call and talk with one of our staff here at Pablo Marble and Granite.

We always do our best to provide you with designs we think you will love. Contact us today if you need assistance in choosing a stone countertop you will enjoy for years to come. Our staff is experienced, kind, and always look forward to helping you!