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8 Reasons Why Marble Counters in the Kitchen Are a Great Idea

You moved into a new house. Everything looks pretty good except for the rundown kitchen counters. You’re going to need to do something about that before you have guests come over for a housewarming party.

Why not replace those old countertops with marble? Buying marble counters isn’t as expensive as you may think, and they are a good investment. No slab of marble looks the same, so even if everyone on your block has marble, yours will remain unique.

They are good for baking, and they are super durable. This isn’t even half of the great features that marble has. Keep reading to see the complete list of benefits.

1. Stain Protection 

If your child was to spill orange juice on your marble countertop, the acid would stain it. Stains like this are one of the largest concerns that homeowners have when they are considering marble countertops. If you’re one of those homeowners, we have great news for you. 

There is an easy way to protect your countertops from stains. You can have a sealer put on them when they are installed. This sealer will close off the pores under the surface of the material so it won’t absorb liquids as fast. 

Granted, this doesn’t mean that you can let liquids sit on the counter for hours. You’ll still need to clean it up, or it will stain. The sealer just gives you a little more time to do it. 

2. Every Slab Is Unique 

There are some manmade materials that you can buy that look like marble, but they can’t mimic the real thing. Marble is created from sedimentary and limestone rock through a natural process. 

The veining you see in marble is the impurities that were in the limestone when the Earth’s heat and pressure turned it into marble. This process makes each slab of marble look different from another. 

So even if you and your neighbor both have natural marble counters, yours will look unique from theirs in every way. 

3. It’s Easy to Clean 

Though you can’t use the same cleaners on marble that you do other countertops, they’re still pretty easy to clean. Make a solution with warm water and dish soap and spray it on the counter. Wipe it down and no more stain. 

If the stain is stuborn, you can make a paste out of baking soda and water and leave it on the counter overnight. This should lift that pesky stain right out.

The only thing that you can’t do when you’re cleaning your counters is use abrasive cleaners. The acid will create etches in the marble. 

4. It’s Good for Baking 

Unlike most other countertop materials, marble stays cool, which makes it the perfect work surface for bakers. You can work with chocolate, dough, and even ice cream without having to worry about it quickly melting into a puddle. 

Hot items will also cool faster when placed on a marble countertop. It may be a good idea to place hot pans on something so it doesn’t do any damage to the finish though. 

5. Durability 

There is a lot of extra maintenance that goes into marble countertops vs any other countertop. It’s also softer than other materials, which is why manufacturers can do so many fancy cuts with the edges. 

These factors don’t mean that it’s not durable though. It’s resistant to scratching and cracking because it’s a natural stone. 

In the ancient days, marble was used as building materials, and those have withstood the test of time pretty well. Your countertops can do the same as long as you take proper care of them. 

6. Heat Resistant 

You can rest easy knowing that if a fire broke out in your kitchen, your marble countertops won’t burn—or even catch fire for that matter. They are completely heat resistant. This is why marble is also a popular choice for fireplaces. 

Again, you can put hot food on the counter so it will cool down faster, but you’ll want to use a trivet or something for protection. Don’t put a hot pot on the surface of the counter. Marble won’t melt, but the same can’t be said about the finish. 

7. It Can Make Any Room Look Brighter 

Marble can reflect light around any room and make things look brighter. On top of making the rooms look brighter, they can also make them look larger. 

So, if your bathroom and kitchen are small or don’t have enough natural light, marble countertops will be your best friend. 

8. It’s More Affordable Than You Think 

When you think of extravagant marble, you probably associate it with a huge price tag. It’s true that it can be expensive, but it can also be affordable. Depending on the thickness and type you go with, marble can actually be cheaper than most other natural stone materials. 

Besides, once you have it installed and if you take care of it, you won’t have to get new countertops for a long while. It sort of pays for itself. 

Why Should You Go with Marble Counters in Your Kitchen? 

Marble counters are stunning to look at and are more durable than almost any other stone material if you take care of it. Marble is a cool material, which makes it an ideal baking surface too. 

They can be more affordable than you think, so why not go for it? Create your dream home with marble countertops. 

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