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The Best Kitchen Makeover Ideas of 2019

The average home remodeling project increases a home’s value by about 56 percent of the cost invested. A kitchen renovation, however, sees returns of over 100%. It makes sense, considering that the kitchen is often the heart of every family home.

Updating an aging kitchen or upgrading its utility isn’t as straightforward as adding some new paint and appliances. You need a vision, a plan, and the right team to pull it off. If you’re searching for kitchen makeover ideas, we have you covered.

Top Kitchen Makeover Ideas of 2019

There’s a ton of activity going on in the home improvement space. People are reinvesting, rather than reinventing at home. Here are some trends that you should try in your home’s kitchen space.

Deep Blacks, Browns, and Neutrals

Kitchens are predominately white, pastels, and primary colors. This is the “safe” choice when putting together a kitchen theme. Safe is boring and your kitchen deserves a sexy makeover.

We’re talking dark wood stains, matte blacks, and dark shades that seduce. These deep, rich tones help set the stage for contrasting brushed aluminum, jeweled accents, and gold inlays. This will help you pull off a very premium and luxurious look without needing to budget for it.

Yes, cherry, mahogany, and ebony cabinets are certainly the vibe we’re going for. As a compromise, you should try vinyl contact paper. These wraps are great for transforming furniture into something more exotic.

Kitchens are taking on bold new looks in 2019.

A Natural Flow of Things

Kitchen decor needs more than a pretty coat of finish or paint. Every kitchen makeover should include adding more utility to space. For example, farmhouse-style kitchens are famous for simple, streamlined, and homely designs.

You could throw a farmhouse-style sink into any full-size kitchen and immediately fall in love. To expand on this theme, you should consider consolidating your cabinets into open shelves. Most kitchens don’t make use of all that cabinet space anyways.

What you get is a drastic change in the feel and flow of the kitchen. Couple this with larger panes of glass and you have a much brighter and open kitchen. Older homes can benefit a lot from this streamlining of their kitchen.

Decluttering of kitchen space is the first step to modernizing older homes. You can take this new space and incorporate natural materials and textures. For example, replacing old wood cabinets with reclaimed wood planks instead.

Couple this charming natural wood design with laminate wood or stone backsplash. If you want, you can go industrial with stainless steel, brushed aluminum, or carbon fiber designs. When you break away from traditional kitchen design, you can transform your home’s personality.

Quartz for Class

Outside of industrial kitchen design, there is little reason to invest in anything besides quartz countertops. Quartz is both materially and aesthetically superior to any other countertop material. There are plenty of reasons why you need to get quartz countertops for your makeover.

The most popular reasons why people look for them are their high durability, low maintenance, and anti-microbial properties. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that quartz countertops now come in an unlimited number of textures, colors, and patterns. You can buy quartz countertops that are identical to marble, stone, or something resembling an abstract painting.

Quartz countertops give off a luxurious shine, especially with a kitchen that was remodeled with it in mind. Composite sinks compliment quartz nicely, for example. They create a flow of natural textures that otherwise get interrupted by stainless steel and porcelain commonly found in the kitchen.

Storage and Organization

We mentioned how big of an impact that open shelving can make on your kitchen space. It’s something that works best when you also upgrade your drawers and pantry space. If you can’t downsize everything from your wall cabinets, get creative!

Deep, multi-functional pull-out drawers make use of all available space under the counter. Unlike traditional bottom cabinets, deep rolling drawers make organizing easy. Dividers and trays allow you to stack, slide, and carousel your kitchen utensils without breaking your back.

Take a look at how refrigerator cabinet drawers are made to efficiently store everything you need. With a fraction of the footprint of a normal fridge, cabinet drawer fridge and freezers are plenty for the average family’s needs. The biggest challenge for kitchen storage will come from organizing appliances.

For counter-top appliances like blenders and coffeemakers, we recommend a storage cart/island. This allows you to add more space while removing clutter in the kitchen. A small cart also makes for a convenient beverage bar for entertaining guests.

Utility Considerations

Behind the scenes, you should consider addressing any electrical or plumbing issues. If you’re doing a complete makeover, this is a great opportunity to check the status of your wiring and plumbing. For older homes, there’s always some level of maintenance worth investing in.

Consider adding recessed lighting, pendant lighting, or island lighting to complement your new space. We recommend layering different types of lighting in the kitchen, i.e. ambient, task, and accent lights.

Make Your Kitchen Dream a Reality

All of these kitchen makeover ideas require a bit of interior decorating and experienced contractors to pull off. If you plan on doing everything yourself, you’ll need to prepare to pay a premium. Besides the workmanship that comes with hiring a professional, you also get better access.

Trusted contractors have access to manufacturers and suppliers that the average person won’t get. At Pablo Marble and Granite, we have everything you need in one convenient package. Sample the best in kitchen materials and styles.

Contact us to book an appointment and start putting the pieces together for the perfect kitchen renovation for your home.